Tuesday, February 04, 2014

stitching up plans and ideas....

 Ads on the back of the bus...saying "hey Mate- vote, it is your right and you can choose who you vote for - you don't need to listen to your brother, to the local boss, to anyone- you can decide"
Politics is always a soap opera in India and the latest plot twist is great.
 Aam Aadmi Party started out in an anti corruption movement and has now formed a political party to contest the elections. Based on Gnadhi's principles they want the ideal of self rule to actually include self rule not the current rip off by the ruling elite.
Aam Aadmi means common man- you know that guy that gets ripped off and pushed around by every single government employee, the school teacher who does not turn up to work, the doctor who does not bother to be at the hospital, the policeman whose main interest is a bribe and up, up, up through the system take at look at them- if they can pull off what they are promising and they look the types to have a darn good try, the world's biggest democracy will really have something to crow about. Exciting hope in India at the moment.
 Back home I have had exciting visitors- Skye Morrison from Canada has been here inspiring me with stories and discussing ideas for craft, social enterprise, contacts and fun.
 Apart from her academic life she is a kite walli [ someone who is obsessed with and makes and flies kites] She made these gorgeous miniature kites and gave them out to our gang...can you see her reward the most amazing smiles on everyone who came across them.
so lovely.
much work at the moment, new samples for next trade show, work from last show happening, planning a million things and working like crazy.....tour bookings, gardening- it is spring and devine at the moment, stitching
happy times

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