Tuesday, February 11, 2014

big changes

 My husband, that man down there in the apron has made some big life changes of late and boy is it having a great effect on his energy levels and involvement with things. He has tried out block printing and is addicted....we really would like one more quilt cover to take to the expo and he was just suggesting he could pop over to Nandu's and print it himself!!!
Amazing and wonderful
 Beautiful musru silk from Sunil of Patan workshop printed and about to be made into a rather luxurious quilt cotton filled quilt.....
 3 hands stitching this quilt- all the fellows from the workshop, our women who usually come in to do quilts are all distracted by wedding fever.
The ladies of Baseli village are over last week's wedding fevers and madly scrabbling to stitch this and that to finish off other samples- they are a great team and support pulling together to help us get ready to go out and find us all work! Appreciated in a big way.
finished this last night.... recycled sari yarn throw....I did sit snuggle under it for a while just to test it our, warm and cosy- yeh

Ok cup of tea finished- what to do next boring job of costing paperwork or into the workshop for a bit of a turn hand stitching another quilt???
hmmm life is full of choices- should or would like???

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PyxeeStyx said...

Love the recycled Sari silk throw. Gorgeous color.