Friday, February 07, 2014


I have so much to do, not sure which way to go....
out tours are really rocking especially with private groups wanting to come and see the India we love, fabulous history, rich in traditional skills and a big input of fair trade, social enterprises and inspiring initiatives- yeh.
But so much office work, working very hard to delegate....just spent 3 unsuccessful days trying to synch the calendar on my phone and 2 office computers....real time file sharing- driving me nuts real time....just starting to ring around and see if I can get an IT guy in to sort it.....

everyone is out to lunch at the moment even the photo up load for blogger so a rant with out pretty pictures?? I did have flowers and baby goats trying to eat them....

We met an amazing designer couple yesterday....we have samples to make for them and hopes of working with them in the future.... amazing work they do....and an amazing set up, an office full of people to do the office work, design studio and huge workshop to make their ideas come to life, people to handle much to admire and amazing work to come out of it all......oooooohhh one day.

we have a whole batch of enquiries we are working through at the moment, orders happening....sticky stage, we have been working so hard with getting our set up up to speed, training ladies about quality and care, finding lines of nervously implementing lots of things and testing them out. Going fine, just need to be bigger in some ways, need more help as well, madly trying to train those we have to get on with things.

oooooooohhhhh again, what to do next...and the lady whois usually in-house to hand stitch quilts has disappeared. It is wedding season  and I know what she is doing but she did not let us know before hand and has just pulled a sickie at the last minute. Somedays things could drive you nuts. I can see I will be spending a few late nights hand stitching quilts!!! bugger.

definitely no pictures uploading'll have to imagine goat babies and flowers in our garden
bye....back to the scramble!!
to stitch, to do stitch pricing, to do tour quotes, to make lists for next trade show, to make packing list for our holiday/ looking for handloom adventure after the trade show, to go chase blockprint lady to print some silk musru for my last quilt idea....what to do???

chase that IT guy to synch computer and phones!!!


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