Thursday, July 24, 2014

Indian Inspiration Creative Camp

It has been all systems go in The Stitching Project world but no rest for the wicked....burbling along on the back burner Creative Arts Safaris has been sorting through a million details for a batch of teachers, students, yoga practioners to visit around October and further along, collecting details for our Indian Inspiration Creative Camp and finishing itineraries and costings for our Textile Traditions of Vietnam's North 2015 and Moorish Delights of Andalusia and Morocco 2015

Sort of where to start to multi task.
Indian Inspiration Creative Camp.... agenda is worked out but layers can always be added in.
My mate Dawn is going to be here- bit of a helper and we always fiddle around and experiment together...she is excellent at rust and book making and tweaking ideas- take a look on Pinterest at some of her books etc.
We had a great session with our Indigo guy recently and got play days all sorted for groups...look back through these pages for pictures
During our last Indian tour Praveen learnt a lot about eco-dyeing from some of our guests so will be master of the dye pot as we try hubble, bubble, boil and trouble stuff out....
also keeping an eye on some inspiring blogs etc. Have a look at these Louio, the watercolours of Louise Molesworth are beautiful and her notes on eco dyeing a good place to start, Living Cloth- lovely ideas for getting in the zone, and Dips and Stains is a mine of imformation...
Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth always inspires me to want sit and ponder and stitch,.
I currently collect things that catch my eye on my Pinterest page for the tour, and lots of indigo stuff on Inspiring Blue... or Eco Dye.... etc, etc, etc, ....yeh got a Pinterest bug....not terminal or dangerous, possibly contagious!!
 and I am hoping, hoping, hoping my mate Dijanne Cevaal will be here as well....I have wanted her to visit for ages but she is a busy soul....we are thinking she can stop off here on her way to Europe- I do hope so....good research for her Traveller's Blankets surely

Vietnam is such an interesting place, embroidery everywhere as well as markets and places to explore, the beautiful Halong Bay to hang out in/ on and cruise....

and Moorish Delights of Andalusia and Morocco is a lot of fun and laughs, yes set against a fabulous landscape and amazing history....inspiring stitching/weaving women and oohh more fun.

I have had a few complaints already- too many good offerings at once. What can I say? sorry- but  no way are we sorry...they are all good, my only suggestion is join them all- we will be :)


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