Saturday, August 02, 2014

blue days.....

Blue days....only in the sense we have an ongoing obsession with indigo and are just working out how to utilize it in our next range.
 Our play day was weeks ago but it has taken ages to have a minute to think about it....
workshop building...big stuff finished but much slow little stuff ongoing.
painting man near finished, electric finished just got to buy fans to install,
gggggrrrrrrrrrr grinding man is here, cleaning off the floors...hate the noise it makes the whole building vibrate.....
not bags of cement outside my office means no clouds of dust blowing in....
once new office is ready we can start to move and dust everything off as we go, until then old office looks like a bomb, a dirt bomb that is hit it!
 in amongst washing another million saris and getting them dry in between thunder storms I have been arranging and re-arranging piles of indigo looking at how the prints come out, what we could mix with what to make new quilts and throws, new garments....
 a lot of just ooohhhhh and aaaahhhh over how lovely it all is. This silk musru is mesmerizing.....
Workshop re-organization has been more than spaces deep....had a few issues with staff come to a head last month and just about finished working them through, we have regular Friday meetings now and ask for feedback as well as give feedback ....ideas sharing, programming for work etc, etc.
really good for the energy of OUR WORKSHOP.
we want it to be our workshop- only if everyone likes to pull together can we be the type of success Praveen and I envision.
Australian that I am I have longed for Sunday moon and full moon just seem to happen and I am not prepared so usually work...crazy but that is how it goes.
Indian law says Sunday closed for bigger businesses, but Rajasthan practice doe not.... staff worried wages would drop...worked out if lunch is a little shorter....we save enough hours in month to have Sundays off-  had to talk it all through and work out hours etc but we can do it.
Yeh!! a step towards modern work practices....and staff at home Sunday, kids are off school that time. novel idea?
so different here in India....people work so hard just to get by, most don't expect family time, just family looking after, paying for food, housing and school.
Off to work because tomorrow is SUNDAY!!!

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