Thursday, May 21, 2015

How much can you chew?

Isn't that the saying?
Biting off more than you can chew?

It is summer here...every day for weeks has been 40'+...old scale over 110'...just charming and in the night it might, just might drop to 30'C.
Life still must go fact I have started to catch up on workshop things, to the point of starting to organize my stitch room was all kinds of scary.

The penny just the dust blown in by the sand storm this week...somethings just don't change.
I have been scurrying and scurrying to get things done so that one day I will have a little spare time to do the next thing on my list.
After a health worry earlier in the year I am just now getting back in the zone, a bit of energy but if I keep up the scurrying and scurrying I will probably be back where I was earlier and there won't necessarily be another chance to pick up again...
For ages I have dreamed of starting a library for local kids....and whosh last year through the kind generosity of others I had a big handful of cash to kick start it all.
What a weight of guilt I have carried ever since not being able to find a minute to set a system up and get a library happening.
Well really it about time to admit I just can't do it.
I have piles of books in the office and a bundle of cash in the cupboard waiting to be spent...every single cent accounted for but I just can't turn it onto a library.
This morning when one of our ladies Neetu was in I asked about her child's school, once school holidays finish we will go around to schools associated with our ladies and donate a stack of books to kick start libraries in their schools and hope they put them to good use.
To all who assisted in the fundraising events especially Anne of Timeless Textiles and UTS students I offer an apology for their funds being put to use so slowly....I have just kept thinking next week I can.....
Someday your best intentions need to be re-examined and a different solution found....hard though it may be to be flexible... this is self talk. I find it hard to change my intentions some days.

so back to school, I will ease a burden from my shoulders and at the same time spread smiles and learning around through a slightly different approach.

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Kevin Murray said...

Yes, the noblest of motives can often come up against reality. Your openness is a credit and now the opportunity is for others to collaborate, which may be better.