Saturday, May 30, 2015

my workshop rocks

Some days my workshop is really exciting...mostly because today I can wander and escape the got to go and stir the guys up, sorting mountains of braid for new bags, check out some new blocks we had carved ...try out a print idea or 2 for new designs, watch what Zac is up to as he works on new print designs...he is used to painting but when you print for cloth a whole heap of new considerations come into play...I can see it turns his head inside out.
in wandering mode I took a few pictures of the workshop gang...well most a few guys are away, one recently married and other ??
 Mr Mahenrda our block print guy.
 sari ribbon ....another way to use up wastage...but first to work out how viable it is to convert 1 kg scraps into 1 kg ribbon, as it works out so far need 1.3 kg scraps to get 1 kg ribbon, now going to wash it and make it look nice. Thanks Amanda for the suggestion, I like this more than the way we were doing it before, knotting it together....

 Ranjit, in green, my go to man...he keeps the whole show rocking along for me, knows where most things are, reigns in the mess with my encouragement and sorts things out. Avinash next to him, my office guy, he is careful and worries until he has worked things out...making a real difference for me...Monish behind-assistant
 Rattan our newest assistant, slowly getting over being so shy when I walk past that he nearly faints....braid sorting
 The machine room...Rampall, Bulbir, Shivraj...quiet guys, with new cutting master able to shine and make suggestions, good to work with.
 Blocks designed by our cleaning girl Puja- these are pictures she drew for Dawn when she was visiting- so lovely I converted them into blocks...Dawn has made her a scarf with the prints on it, when it arrives we will print fabric to make her an outfit. will be a buzz.
Mr Mystak, our new cutting guy. His pattern making is nice, and he seems to be settling in well. He writes notes down - all in Hindi but I can cope with that, they are accurate and carefully done . YIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEEE. this is such a relief.
 oops I was laughing when I took the shop Mr Kan-ji
 Young Chand...bit cocky when he started but settling in fine
 Sohan and Nandu, assistants with the rotten job of pressing in this weather...still they joke, drink lots of cold water and get into it.
 New blocks for Zac ...
 I escaped to paint some fabric for squares for them and one for me!
 Mr Gaffar arrived with a car of his handlooms for us- yeh!
another special request painted and off to the cutting room. Etsy has been running hot this week- very pleasing.
it is lunch time so running away with Zac for lunch in to be some perks being boss.

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Kevin Murray said...

What an amazing team! They would certainly get you out of bed in the morning.