Friday, July 03, 2015

haha it's Friday!

I was in a bit of a flap this morning thinking another week had passed me by only to be told it is working week includes Saturday- so I still have a day up my sleeve!
what am I doing? A lot and then again nothing much....workshop organizing, Ladies Training Day, follow up on Ladies Training Day, workshop organizing, trying to organize the systems to keep us organized, sari sorting, sari washing, fabric washing, organizing work schedules....trying to fiddle through and stitch samples used to be relaxing I am not certain
OHH did I mention I am trying to organize our organizing systems!! step forward and some days 2 steps back, more often only one step back..... might even be a feel of half a step forward

 We had a light shower last night, just enough to mark the dust, not enough to thinking of planting a crop. Enough to bring out a lot of silliness in my tortoises. there was a canna lilly in the yard for ever...they have plenty of food and all of a sudden they want to eat it, so I built a wall around it with potplants, Well!! the big girls are determined to scale those pot plants no matter what. Very funny and they have forgot the wall I built around another plant days before.
My Zacko has gone back to Oz, no more silly selfies with him here, there and everywhere
Just me and my bag these quiet.
I hope you like the Instagram pictures....they are about the speed I am flying at -life is a blur
pretty colours though.
Ohh and I have 1 place on our Indian Tour and a lady looking for a roomie to share.... it will be fun to go wandering

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