Tuesday, May 31, 2016

cleaning and sorting.

I am in a bit of a clean it or chuck it zone at the moment, we have been having a huge clean up and organize at the workshop both in the office and in the workshop itself.

Between cleaning and organizing and working on new patterns I have got a bee in my bonnet about a proper shop- something a little more grown up and sexy than Etsy and found this shop/Etsy integration site. So you only have the one inventory, stuff is on Etsy and your shop.

Seems like a pretty good idea.

comments appreciated!

Been playing around with the free trial. Have a look- I think you can see it here I am still playing and it is not linked to our website but I am liking it.
Obsessing over our materials and why we use and do what we do....
here is what I have come up with

we love our place,
we love our neighbourhood, we love the materials we use and the people who make them.
We try to step lightly on our Earth,
hand spun, hand weave, hand stitch, natural dyes, re-cycle, re-use
We deal openly and fairly with our workers and suppliers.
We train our gang to produce work with care and love,
We create work for rural women.
We deal directly with weavers to produce our cloth.
We use natural traditional dyes and solvent free, water based pigment inks to block print.
We love our materials
  • recycled silks saris- you can feel the love in them, favourite party saris we give another lease of life.
  • Khadi cloth- hand spun, hand weave cloth....the stuff Gandhi inspired a revolution with in India. Hard wearing cloth that ages and gets better and better over time. The work of the hand is discernible in little irregularities and texture. Beautiful to wear it breathes.
  • Handloom- the thread comes from a mill, the weave is done by hand.
  • Occasionally we use powerloom [we will always let you know] this is produced on a family operated electric loom
  • Natural [not synthetic] indigo- ages and fades gracefully with washing.
  • Traditional iron black [molasses and horse shoes is where it starts], Kashish grey, red and pomegranate yellow.
  • Hand carved block blocks to print our cloth.
  • Our biggest asset is our people, our women bring our designs alive with their careful stitch, our workshop gang finish it all off with love and care.


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