Friday, November 18, 2016

On the train

Heading home...
Seems like I have been away a long time.
First on tour,then the briefest bounce into the workshop for Diwali and then Oz so see my boys and mates.
Note to self, try spacing these things out more.
Excited to be going home but also exhausted and because I was away the workshop and office will need a lot of attention.
Coming home full of good intentions to take it a bit easy.... leave work earlier perhaps have Sunday off.
Sick of being so tired, running so much.... really the only one who can change this is me. A challenge - que to me smirking.
Looking forward to home.
Love being in Oz for my birthday and all the jacaranda out. Thank you for all the lovely wishes.

1 comment:

Julia Raath said...

All the best with planning time off's a great idea ! Sunday fun day - We all need down time.... look forward to seeing you soon safe home bound journey.