Thursday, June 28, 2018

Instagram is now on Instagram not Blogger

I figure you can find me there easy enough,
rather than having it ping over to here.
It bugs me the large font Instagram shows up in on blogger- looks like I am yelling at you.

If I have something to say I will write an entry, otherwise
pictures and Little Vignettes are on Instagram

I am trying to find a hobby.
I used to stitch for relaxation but when your obsession becomes your full time occupation it is not a relaxing hobby anymore..... I can tend to spend the night obsessing over how to turn my idea into a training to share with my Ladies.
yes obsess.... bit too focused some days.

I like to listen to stories and I don't mind having a yarn, so working on the idea of Little Vignettes, things I remember.

Ooohhhh is that list first sign of dementia? long term memory fills your mind and short term disappears?
No just trying to find some relief from the list of things ion my short term memory that need to be done today!
or yesterday, even.
 So over and out from Instagram , sorry if it seemed I was yelling at you.... oops large font again!

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