Wednesday, July 11, 2018

well that went well....

I tried to turn off the link between Instagram and blogger but it is still coming up.
Oh well?
it is happening- technology wins ....

I tried :)

It is grey today and raining, and raining.
less than 24 hours and that SAD or is MAD syndrome is setting in when you don't see the sun for tttooooooooo long.

Do they have another syndrome for too much humidity? moulding is a consequence of it but does it have a real name, as well as the mental anxiety of sitting in a constant puddle of your own sweat feeling the mouldiness and rot happening.

Yes majorly impacted by the weather. I can feel the land rejoicing and I do love the vibe in my garden but it is hard to rise above my persoal bowl of sweat.

I have work to do, but if I touch paper it starts to sog, stitching yesterday i was so sweaty I could not pull the needle through.
Best place is under a fan with a damp cloth to wipe down and stitching- I think that's it for today.

Sorry to be a moaner, will work on a better attitude soon 

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