Tuesday, July 17, 2018

sitting around

Sitting in a government office....
Ohhh to have a job that allows you to work in slow motion....
To appear so taxed when simply being asked to perform the task we, the tax payer, pay you to do.....
Started the day talking to accountant about state of our online tax reports... new GST system 13 months old and we are still unclear of all details
You would think with everything on line- seller and buyer putting in details of purchases and that they line up perfectly it would be easy and clear to navigate.
The system though still requires a pen pusher to OK it all and pen pushers here in India are curious people who often request to "just" meet you.
Often they have an itchy palm, and without the right kind of scratching it can't do work and sign off on things?
When will it all change.
This last week end was the exams for entrance to the police force, 1000s and 1000s of candidates. Full internet blackout in exam cities, one of our staff applied- she could not wear jeans, was searched and the long sleeves on girls top were cut short, boys had to remove their shirts.
what a lot of effort went into preventing cheating, but what does it say about us as a nation? cheating they system is so ingrained????

Well that was my India exasperation for the week,

I just received this link from a friend and it has made my day- it is my manifesto.

this is what makes me buzz
Slow fashion is about designing, producing, consuming and living better. Slow fashion is not time-based but quality-based. Slow is not the opposite of fast – there is no dualism – but a different approach in which designers, buyers, retailers and consumers are more aware of the impacts of products on workers, communities and ecosystems.’ [Fletcher: The Ecologist 2007]
There is more- check it out.

We attended a seminar on the weekend in Jaipur [no internet due to the police exam meant no Mrs Google and a great difficulty finding our way around- haha]

The Seminar was examining Indian Handmade Textiles post Independence.
It was great to hear the discussions springing up.
I am Australian - we have the Stolen Generation [among various other atrocities perpetuated against of First People]- much dialogue has happened since it was first recognized, it was appreciated that there is a whole kind of Post Traumatic Stress thing that needs to be worked through.
Think about it?
India and other countries who have shaken off the colonial noose have to not only get their act together and step into the future, they also need to throw off all the conditioning the colonial powers used to suppress them.
Having experience domestic violence as a child and then marrying into the same situation I remember what a long slow path it was to firstly recognize it had happened to me, and how it impacted me and then move forward to create the type of relationships I wanted and now have in my life.

I have been listening for this type of perspective and evaluation- it is so exciting to see it starting.
We need to learn more about our [India's yes, but I do identify with the scene strongly- it is my home now] history, how our rich traditions came to be, value those who hold it in their hands now and see how we can all take it into the future.

Exciting times :)

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